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Harry and the Potters Icontest

... because Voldemort can't stop the Rock

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HatP Icontest: An Icontest community for Harry and the Potters.

- araeariel
- wolfe_tone
(Moderators can enter icons as well.)

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[1] Icons must fit the Live Journal standards: No bigger than 100x100 px and 40 KB, in either JPG, GIF or PNG format.
[2] There will be two parts to each challenge: A picture to icon, and song lyrics. Please be sure to read all the rules for each part carefully!
[3] Submit ALL your icons in ONE comment to the challenge post; comments will be screened. Please post both the IMG SRC and the link in URL form. Use Photobucket or another host to upload your images and post them.
You can use this form to submit your icons:

[4] Don't recycle icons! You may only enter brand new, original icons. You may NOT use icons you've already made, or use bases/blanks from other people. Please make your icons from scratch!
[5] The contest will be anonymous, so DO NOT post your icons elsewhere, including your own journal, until after the results are posted.
[6] Do not vote for yourself! Do not ask others to vote for you! You may invite others to vote, but do not tell them to vote for you.
[7] If all the rules stated above are not followed, the icon(s) will be disqualified.

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Challenge Posted: Friday, 10pm Central (Use this clock to help you figure out time differences.)
Challenge Ends: Friday, a week after challenge posted, 10pm Central
Voting Begins: Saturday after 3pm Central
Voting Ends: Monday, 10pm Central
Winners Announced: Tuesday or Wednesday After Voting Ends

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